Services Offered

Services Offered

Find out how Stalwart can make fitness fit into your life!

Service Offered

Find out how Stalwart can make fitness fit into your life!

Stalwart Fitness helps busy professionals like you make fitness fit. Online personal training and nutrition programs you can follow anywhere, anytime.

Personal Training

Your fitness program should consider your goals, history, and lifestyle. With Stalwart in-person or online training, you'll master fundamental movements, build strength, and improve conditioning. Our proven programs meet you where you are and fit into your lifestyle to help you move better and feel better.

Nutrition Coaching

Strict diets and deprivation are not how it's done at Stalwart. The most effective and sustainable results come from building life-long healthy habits. The best way to build habits that you'll stick to is focusing on one at a time. We guide you in finding the one habit that is right for you right now.

Workshops & Seminars

Fitness & Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. Stalwart workshops, lunch & learns, and seminars can show your organization or team how to fit fitness & nutrition into a busy lifestyle. Would your organization benefit from healthier members?

RockTape Application

RockTape is more than kinesiology tape. It's a philosophy of movement. As an FMT+ Performance RockDoc, I can help you move better, heal better, feel better. Hosting an athletic event? You can offer your athletes RockTape services on site.

Functional Assessments

Stalwart uses proven tools like the Functional Movement Screen, posture analysis, and capability testing to develop an easy-to-follow plan to gain better mobility, stability, and movement capacity. You'll still work hard and get strong. You'll just do it smarter.

Employee Wellness

A company's most valuable asset is its employees. Stalwart can help you design a wellness program to increase engagement, lower health premiums, and help reduce missed time. A healthier workplace can mean a healthier bottom line. 

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Not sure which services you need? We can discuss it on the call, or visit the contact page.
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