Life Can Be Tough. You Can Be Tougher.

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Is life your sport? Life is full of demands—physical, mental, and emotional—that can overpower us if we aren’t prepared. Over time, these demands can take their toll on our bodies; aches and pains sap our energy even faster—lower back soreness, tension in the shoulders and neck, a wonky knee.  We move a little slower, play a little less, regret the pickup games on the weekends a little longer.

If this has become your new ‘normal,’ remember that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can move effortlessly again, with enough energy to conquer your day and still play beer league hockey at night.

Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines fitness as ‘the state of being suitably adapted to the environment’. Life is your environment. Are you suitably adapted?

My definition of fitness is the capacity to meet life’s physical demands and still have the capacity to handle emergencies.  Are you fit? You can be.


Who Am I?

My name is Donovan Manley, a retired Infantry Officer, paratrooper, and veteran of campaigns in Liberia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I have overcome physical and mental challenges that as a boy from Alabama I could never have imagined; I mean, living in a snow cave in the Alps? Who does that?

The physical demands of being a paratrooper instilled a burning passion for fitness, and the geek in me began researching.

Brute Strength and Ignorance, Lads!

~Color Sergeant Hugo, Royal Jump Marines (when we were obviously working harder not smarter). 

With over 20 years of military experience, I've trained Soldiers of all types—from the new recruit to those nearing retirement to Wounded Warriors. Using the typical ‘more is better’ approach, my Soldiers and I were always in peak physical condition until a string of fairly serious injuries brought me down.

After spinal surgery and a rebuilt knee, I realized that being fit to conquer life was going to take a smarter approach. Finding a better way became my passion.

I began to use what I learned to make my Soldiers faster, stronger, more resilient, and found that they suffered fewer injuries.

More importantly, they had the capacity to react to the extreme physical challenges that are a part of a Soldier’s life. They were better adapted to their environment.

The same approach can help you to move better, feel better, perform better (maybe look better as a bonus).

Personal Training With Freedom

Stalwart Fitness programs are delivered in-person and or online, whichever works for you.

That means you don't have to be tied to a trainer’s schedule. Get your workout in where and when you can, which translates to actually doing it.

Stalwart's Nutrition Coaching is habit based, which translates to no crazy restrictive diets. Just one simple step at a time to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

I did it this way because I know how hectic life can be. I know you want to be healthy. You just need a way to do it that fits into your life, right? Stalwart Fitness could be the answer you’re looking for.

Ready to be tougher?

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